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After your site launches, how will you deal with keeping your content fresh?

This is an important question.

The M EasyUpdate Administration System allows the Clients of M multimedia the ability to update site content. The client administrator has secure, password protected access to a specialized administration area within the web site. Text and/or graphical content can be added, changed or deleted through the use of simple online forms. This system is as simple as 1-2-3 and the updates occurr immediately!

In the background, powerful databases keep track of all M EasyUpdate content and dynamically display it on the World Wide Web through your site.

The benefits of this system are threefold:
Control, Immediacy and Cost Reduction.

Control: The administrator has control of all content that is updateable.

Immediacy: Site changes can be made from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access and updates are published immediately.

Cost Reduction: These changes to the site are not left up to the developer who charges for his/her work. The result is potentially many thousands of dollars saved per year!

World Class Web Design

Our team of designers take a balanced approach to your web site. You are competing on a global level and everything must be right. Our design skills as well as technical savvy combine to give you the best value for your investment. It's just that simple.

M Secure Hostingsm

To deliver the full power of M EasyUpdate, we offer M Secure Hostingsm. The power of dynamic Web content is in your fingertips with our secure hosting as well as spam filtered email that features powerful browser based email access and controls. With M Secure Hostingsm your site is able to receive powerful custom upgrades that fit your company like a glove.

Featured Client

Home Based Business Central
Home Based Business Central is a portal for connecting professionals with resources for their home based businesses.

“We are excited to see our strategy come to life with your work. Not only do we have a world class web site but our site is poised to rise in the search engines!”


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